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For further visual examples please click on the Gallery sectionsMy name is Abbey and I’m a fully qualified hair extension specialistsbased
in Hull, with over eight years experience in the Hairdressing industry.
Many hairdressers now offer hair extensions as part of their service, but very
few actually specialise in this field and this is what I pride my service on at
local competitive rates.
As an experienced fully qualified hair extensions specialist with a friendly
service, I have built up a great and regular client base.
My service is mobile so you can have your hair extensions fitted in the
comfort of your home or alternatively you
can come to me as I am based in Hull and also cover the surrounding areas such as Beverley, Cottingham, Hessle, Hedon etc.
If you live further afield this can be arranged for a fixed rate. Back to the top

100% Human Hair
I only use 100% human hair, this is because it’s the best and look and feels like your own natural hair you
can also use styling tools on it such as straighters and curling tongs.
100% human hair also comes in a variety of different colours, lengths and textures, including straight,
body wave and curly.
I offer all my clients a free consultation before they have their extensions applied, this is so you can choose your
desired length, colour and texture and also, so I can colour match your hair.
If you have any questions you wish to have answered, I can also do this during the consultation or you can call me on my personal mobile phone: 07 738 783 420.
If you are just thinking about having extensions and would like some more information and to see my portfolio of previous clients, which include before and after images, some of which can be viewed in our gallery, please call for a free no obligation consultations. Back to the top

Enjoying My Work
I love to make my clients feel great and their hair dreams come true with the art of hair extensions.
Once only available to the rich and famous, hair extensions have now become widely attainable to everyone.
Due to the popularity of hair extensions in recent years, there are lots of people now offering this service but only a
few can truly call themselves hair extensions specialists.
Unlike many of the people offering hair extensions I trained for 3 years learning all there was to know about extensions and now have 15 years experience...... Back to the top

It’s All I Do, All Day, Everyday
I only work with the best suppliers of high quality human hair extensions and aftercare products, to insure all my clients are getting the best service possible.
I do not claim to be the cheapest extensionist but with me fitting your hair extensions, I can guarantee that you’re getting a top class service at a very reasonable rate, unlike a lot of people out there offering extension services that will use low grade hair and don’t have the experience behind them for the same price.
I offer a luxury service tailored to suit your needs to make sure you walk away with the most beautiful, natural safely applied extensions perfect for you.
I offer a friendly mobile service offering only best quality hair extensions available with over 15 years experience.
I use my expertise to provide you with the best extensions possible to suit your own personal needs whether it be length, thickness or colour your wanting to add to your hair and I'm always available to offer you any support or advise you may need. Back to the top

Before having your hair extensions fitted you will need to have a consultation.
This is firstly to check that your hair is suitable to have extensions fitted and also to find out if the look you are
wanting to achieve is possible.
It also gives me a chance to go through all the information you will need to know about different fitting methods,
hair types, length available, aftercare and maintenance and removal, and also a chance for us to meet face to face where you can ask me any questions you may have. Back to the top

Fitting Methods

Pre Bonded (lasts upto 3 months)
The most popular of all the fitting methods is pre bonded hair is individually bonded pieces of hair sometimes known
as nail tip or flat tip hair also.
It is individually bonded pieces of hair that’s bonded into sectioned off pieces of your own hair using a heat connector tool.
The bonds look very discreet and as there put in small individual sections spread all over your head they look and feel very natural and most like your own hair. Back to the top

Micro Rings (lasts upto 3 months)
Sometimes also known as micro loops, micro links or stick tip hair these extensions are becoming more and more popular.
To fit micro rings a small section of your own hair is threaded through a ring which can then be used to thread a stick tip extension through and squeezed shut using pliers to secure in place.
Its quick, safe and removal is easy which is what make this method appealing to a lot of my clients including myself. Back to the top

Fusion Bonding (lasts upto 3 months)
In my earlier years of fitting extensions this was the most popular but over the years a lot of my clients choose
other methods over this.
For fusion bonding hair is taken from a weft or as a bundle and glued in using a specialist glue gun.
You can apply the extensions to a thickness that suits and as with pre bonded they look and feel really natural.
It is a popular method with my clients that supply their own hair as sometimes hair on a weft can be easier to source yourself  although you can get shedding from this fitting method. Back to the top

Micro Ring Weft (lasts 2-6 weeks)
This fitting method is great if you have a one off special occasion and don’t like wearing extensions for long periods of time. They are much like clip in extensions with long strips of hair being fitting into your own hair using the micro link rings. Back to the top

Tape Extensions (coming soon)

Available Are:

16 – 18Inches = Bra Strap Length (can be cut to any shorter)
20 – 22Inches = Waist Length

Available Are:

Remy Hair: Most popular hair its great quality, cuticle correct hair that doesn’t matt or tangle comes in 16-20 inches

Peruvian Hair: The ultimate in luxury silky soft hair.
It arrives in its natural virgin state and comes only in # 1b/#2 as its virgin hair it can be coloured but this is
done at your own risk.
Available in lengths of 16 – 20 inches.
This hair can be re used and if looked after properly with correct aftercare and maintenance can last upto 9 months.

Brazilian Hair: This hair is also a luxury high quality hair. It is double drawn and is picked for its straight sleek yet
full bodied texture.
Available in only 20inches but does come in over 25 colours.
This hair can also with correct aftercare and maintenance be re used and last upto 9 months Back to the top

1 Packet
is great for * Adding colour  
    * Top ups  
    * Adding thickness to a small area  
Half Head
is great for  * Adding thickness  
    * Adding colour  
    * Adding volume  
Three Quarters Head
is great for * Adding thickness  
    * Adding length to finer hair  
Full Head
is great for  * Thick lush locks of any length

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